You must be holding a significant numbers of SHIB (maybe in millions and billions). You must have wondered which Lamborghini or Ferrari to purchase once it bulls up to 1 cent. However, is there a possibility for SHIB to reach 1 cent? Let’s find out. Also, please note that the findings are on the basis of pure statistical evaluations and speculations. Now, let’s dig it in.

The HINDRANCE – Immense Supply of TOKENS

If you hit, “When will SHIB reach 1 Cent?” on few search engines, it might show “By the end of 2030”. Let’s see if that is possible. The current supply of Shib Inu is more than 589 trillion token. Yes, you read that right. It’s almost 590 Trillion which has the current market cap of $6.03 billion and global crypto currency market cap today is $1.71 trillion. If it reaches 1 cent, the total market cap of this token will be almost $5.9 trillion which is almost a 1000X and 3.45X more than its current and global crypto market cap respectively.

Adding to the above information, the current market cap of giant companies like Apple and Amazon are $3.14 and $1.52 trillion respectively. The market cap of SHIB should be a trillion more than that of the two giants combined.

The all-time high of this token was on Oct. 2021 at $0.00008819 which had a market cap of 43 billion. It’s very difficult to comprehend what amount of capital should flow into this token for it to reach $5.89 trillion.

Graphical Representation of SHIB Price in last 30 days

The Brighter Side – SHIBARIUM

Well, we must have disappointed you a bit with our above calculations and speculations. However, it is very much likely for this coin to explode in the bull run. Given the number of people holding this coin and the ones who bought in the dip are the clear indications that people are hopeful about this well-established project. Moreover, major crypto exchanges has added SHIB tokens into their listing.

Keeping into account the rudiments of this project, the team of this token is working rigorously on various projects and is keen to make SHIB a notable and profitable token to purchase. On 2023 August, the team launched a LAYER 2 scaling platform for Ethereum called, SHIBARIUM.

The major highlight of Shibarium is that it burns SHIB tokens with every transaction which will lessen it’s supply and eventually increase the price. It has also its significant place in METAVERSE where it is focused on providing cheap and fast token transactions.

Now, its really difficult to state when will SHIB reach 1 cent or if it will ever reach to this utopia. However, it will certainly attract a lot lot of new buyers leading to a whopping increase of its market cap in the forthcoming bull run.

What is SHIB INU?

 Shiba Inu, popularly known as SHIB is a decentralized cryptocurrency generated in August 2020 and named after the Japanese dog breed, has been making waves in the crypto world. Created by someone using the pseudonym “Ryoshi,” it’s essentially a meme coin, similar to Dogecoin.

A major issue revolved around the clustering of SHIB in a handful of wallets, particularly with a lone “whale” holding a significant portion of the token. This concentration sparked concerns about the likelihood of market manipulation and the potential consequences of significant sell-offs by these dominant holders.

Furthermore, the market dynamics of Shiba Inu, similar to numerous meme coins, were triggered  by the FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) among retail investors. This played a role in the unpredictable and fluctuating nature of its price movements.